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Rex C100fk02 V An ManualRex C100 Manual PlRex C100 ManualRex C100 Manual Em Portugues(07) 3391 4865 This is a manual for the initial setting of the REX-C100, -C400, -C410, -C700, & -C900.

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Factory setting is 002, which should mean SV plus or minus one degree Anyway my system overshoots sometimes more than 1 degree; enough reason to order a genuine RCK PID with.. This product includes a 2-line display screen, to display the data measured by the sensor and that you programmed to make your automatic control.. Jul 02, 2020 Free pc programs Rex C100 Service ManualRex-c100 Manual PortuguesREX C100 PID Control + 40A SSR + Sensor.


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I think the red number then comes back down to the. I am trying to find help with this model apparently others have same issue such as jman, badflash, nellisa, pt13, and fiara13 every one of these users seem to have same problem as myself cant program the unit properly I hope someone has found a solution because the instructions are junk because its Chinese I even had it translated, below are images translated: Instructions backside translatedRex C100 Service ManualThe model of the unit ( Berme REX-C100FK02-V*AN DN ) is in this photo:Like the others I had tried getting into the unit, the only access I have is after I change the LCy to 100 not 0100 or 1000, 100 because the unit which does have 4 digit spaces but only displays 3 it finally gives me SLI settings in which I cant change it only allows 4 settings SLI1,SLI2,SLI3,SLI4 only SLI4 Is changeableThrough the regular settings menu from pressing and holding the settings button for 5 sec these settings appear:ALI 0505oH 999ArU 000P 020I 300d 060Ar 030r 020oH 002SC 000A0r 0000n 000 (the letter n has a - over it)FAC 000LCy 000 (when I change this to 100 the SLI menu appears but not configureable only under SLI4)Also pressing the < and set buttons does not give me any response.. Two rows of 4-digit display allow user to have a clear view of process value (PV) and setting value (SV).. This controller can be used for both cooling and heating applica After the LCK setting my Berme Rex-C100 gives: oH (002) According to some manuals it sets the differential gap.

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It also provides LED indicators of Jun 27, 2016 This is a high level overview of the Chinese made Berme Rex-C100 PID Temperature Controller.. In my understanding it's about the limits of regulation Looking to buy macbook pro.. #cheapEbayPIDHere is a video of what it's doing:00:00 - 00:26 ; PID is holding a temp above the set-point (But I don't think it's the actual temp of the oven.. REX-C100 Temperature Controllers Temperature Control REX- C100 contains everything needed for a project of automatic control (PID) for the temperature applied to a thermocouple type K.

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notice the discrepancy from the red number to the thermometer values)00:26 - 1:29 ;PID drops below 399 and loses it's mind!.. Specifications:- Model: Desktop page printer- Replaced model: LBP-810- Printer language: CAPT (Canon Advanced Printing Technology)- Data compression: SCoA (Smart Compression Architecture- Printing speed: 10 pages per minute (A4-size paper)- Printing method: Electro photo graphic printing using laser beam scanning- Fixing method: On-demand fixing technology- Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi- Smoothing technology: Automatic Image Refinement (AIR) at true 600 x 600 dpi mode (2400dpi equiv.. and I'm finding out that you guys have a community that is well versed in operating PID controllers! I'm acurrently using this RexC100 to operate my tempering oven.. Do not touch or adjust parts other than those covered in this manual The instrument was manufactured and delivered under close quality control by us.. It also includes 4 buttons for a more comfortable setting for JK29New MemberWhat's up Beer guys! I'm a custom knifemaker.. Canon laser shot lbp 1210 driver for windows 10 I've read just about every post in this forum, hoping i missed something. 5ebbf469cd